Hands Treatment

Basic Manicure

Done once a week, a manicure will stimulate nail growth and soften dry, dull skin. Includes hot soak, emphasis on cuticles, completed with massage
and polish of your choice. - $25.

French Manicure

A Classic Manicure with French touch! This treatment includes all basic manicure treatment and is completed with a french polish, your hands will thank you! - $35.

Spa Manicure

A Classic Manicure followed by an exfoliating treatment to the elbows, a hot paraffin dip ending with intense massage with aromatic oils, and
polish of your choice. - $45.

Feet Treatment

Basic Pedicure

Basic Pedicure

A pedicure is a perfect way to revive and condition your feet. Hot soak, nail clipping, sloughing, intense massage and polish of your choice are included. - $50.
Spa Pedicure

Spa Pedicure

This luxurious treatment begins with a hot soak in herbal salts. A dip in warm paraffin, intense massage, concluding with a polish of your choice - $65.
Mani-Pedi Combo Package

Mani-Pedi COMBO

Pamper yourself with a manicure and pedicure, and qualify for a discount. when you club any of our Manicure and Pedicure you get - 10% OFF.


Threading services in Calgary

Threading, is one of the oldest methods of hair removal, It is popular in India and the Middle East.

Now because of effective results of threading it has made its own place in west. It involves precisely twisting a length of regular cotton thread along unwanted hairs. The twisting action traps the hair and lifts it out of the follicle. Like with tweezing, the results can last up to two to four weeks. One reason for its continued popularity is that it is so much healthier for the skin and doesn't result in ingrown hair. With regular treatments, hair re-growth becomes finer and sparser.

Eyebrow shaping - $15
Chin / Upperlip / Forehead - $10
Full Jaw Line - $15
Full Face - $45



Eyebrow Shaping - $15
Upperlip / Chin / Forehead - $10
Full Jaw Line - $15
Full Face Waxing - $45
Full Legs Waxing - $60
Full Arms Waxing - $40
Bikini Line Waxing - $25
Brazilian Waxing - $50
Full Legs and Brazilian Waxing - $90
French Bikini Waxing - $35
Full Back Waxing - $48

Nail Care

UV Gel Set (Full French) - $60
UV Gel Set (Clear) - $50
French Fill - $50
Clear Fill - $40
Nail Repair - $8
Nail Removal with Manicure - $45
Nail Polish only - $15
Nail Art - $5 AND UP
French Polish - $15
Parafin Wax Treatment - $15

Spa Packages

Express - $55 (50 mins approx)
For a quick rejuvination after a busy day, relax with an express facial and basic manicure.
Renewal - $115 (2 hr 30 mins approx)
Renew you hand and feet with basic manicure, basic pedicure with deep pore facial.
Ultimate - $160 (3 hr 30 mins approx)
The ultimate in relaxation. Rejuvinate yoruself with a full european facial, spa manicure and spa pedicure.
Day at SPA - $225 (4 hrs approx)
A perfect stress reliever with a full european facial, full back treatment, spa manicure and spa pedicure.


Facial services in Calgary

At Angles we know how harmful the environment can be on your face on a daily basis. If you are looking for the fountain of youth or the miracle facial, you are at the place.

Deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation and massage help to make skin look younger, firmer and healthier. Your skin changes from month to month, season to season, and year to year, the changes in skin tone and texture should be monitored regularly by an expert to determine proper action to keep skin in healthy shape. Our facil treatments are designed just right to suit your skin.

Express Cleanse Facial - $45
Full Eropean Facial - $75
Deep pore facial - $60